Conference Calendar

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Main Events
Event Location Dates Sponsor
EuroHedge Summit Paris April 29-30,2014 HF Intelligence
SALT 2014 Las Vegas May 13-16,2014 SkyBridge Capital
Forum 2014 Chicago June 18,2014 MFA
Fund Forum International 2014 Monaco June 23-26,2014 ICBI
Delivering Alpha New York July 16,2014 Institutional Investor
Context Summit West 2014 Dana Point, Calif. Sept. 29-Oct. 1,2014 Context Summits
Outlook 2014 New York Oct. 16,2014 MFA
Events in US
Event Location Dates Sponsor
Film Finance Forum East New York April 15,2014 Winston Baker
North American Trading Architecture Summit New York April 15,2014 Waters Technology
Active-Passive Investor Summit New York April 22,2014 IMN
Global Compliance Forum Washington April 22-23,2014 Dow Jones
Raising Hedge Fund Capital in the 21st Century New York April 23,2014 Hedge Fund Assoc.
Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit New York April 24,2014 Bloomberg
Asset Management Today New York April 24,2014 FSO Knowledge
Closed End Funds & Global ETFs Forum New York April 24,2014 Capital Link
Global Real Estate Crowdfunding New York April 24,2014 Soho Loft
Derivatives & Risk Management Summit New York April 28-29,2014 IQPC
Liquid Alternative Strategies San Francisco April 28-29,2014 IIR
Global AgInvesting Conference New York April 28-May 1,2014 HighQuest Partners
Ops 2014 Boca Raton, Fla. April 28-May 1,2014 SIFMA
Insurance Companies and Hedge Funds New York April 29,2014 Infovest 21
Growth Capital Expo Las Vegas April 29-May 1,2014 Growth Capital Inv.
Spring Life Settlement Conference Washington April 30-May 2,2014 LISA
Enforcement, Compliance & Operations 2014 New York May 1,2014 RCA
ETP Distribution Summit New York May 1-2,2014 FRA
Sohn Investment Conference New York May 5,2014 Sohn Conf. Found.
How to Start a Hedge Fund Chicago May 6,2014 Cantor Prime
Education Finance & Loan Conference Washington May 6-7,2014 iiBIG
Compliance 2014 New York May 7,2014 MFA
Cap Intro Roundtable Forum Dallas May 7,2014 Roundtable Forum
Emerging Markets Forum New York May 7-8,2014 Institutional Investor
Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Summit New York May 8,2014 iGlobal Forum
Risk Americas 2014 New York May 12-14,2014 CFP Events
Strategic Investment Conference 2014 San Diego May 13-16,2014 Altegris
Market Structure Conference New York May 14,2014 SIFMA
Can Investors Benefit from Activist Investing New York May 15,2014 Infovest 21
Catalyst Cap Intro: Private Equity Fund Investing New York May 19,2014 Catalyst Financial
Private Equity Latin America Forum New York May 19-20,2014 Latin Markets
Asset Manager Showcase Chicago May 19-20,2014 Financial Advisor
Market Leaders in Secondaries New York May 21,2014 IIR
FCPA Risks for Private Equity & Hedge Funds New York May 21,2014 ACI
North American Financial Information Summit New York May 21,2014 Waters Technology
Private Investment Funds Tax Master Class New York May 21-22,2014 FRA
North American Electronic Bond Trading Forum New York May 28-29,2014 Euromoney Seminars
Hedge Fund General Counsel Summit New York May 29,2014 ALM
Private Wealth Management Summit Spring 2014 Amelia Island, Fla. June 1-3,2014 Marcus Evans
CIO Spring Roundtable Washington June 2-4,2014 NMS Management
Private Placement Life Insurance Boston June 3-4,2014 IIR
Hedge Fund Startup Seminar Stamford, Conn. June 4,2014 KPMG
Trading Show Chicago Chicago June 4-5,2014 Terrapinn
Sustainable Family Office Operations & Management New York June 5-6,2014 FRA
Investing in Non-Traditional Fixed Income New York June 5-6,2014 FRA
Emerging Managers Summit Chicago June 8-10,2014 Opal Financial
SuperReturn US 2014 Boston June 9-12,2014 ICBI
Venture Capital Investing Conference San Francisco June 10-11,2014 IBF
Global Fund Forum 2014 Atlantic City, N.J. June 10-12,2014 Hedge Connection
Private Equity Investment in Provider Healthcare New York June 11,2014 iGlobal Forum
Investor Ops New York June 16-17,2014 IIR
Risk Minds Americas Miami June 16-20,2014 ICBI
Cap Intro Roundtable Forum New York June 17,2014 Roundtable Forum
ETF Managed Portfolio Summit Chicago June 17-18,2014 IIR
SIFMA Tech 2014 New York June 17-18,2014 SIFMA
Catalyst Cap Intro: Emerging Markets Alternative Inv. New York June 23,2014 Catalyst Financial
40 Act Case Studies New York June 25,2014 Infovest 21
ETF Managed Portfolio Summit Chicago June 25-27,2014 IIR
Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum Newport, R.I. July 21-23,2014 Opal Financial
Public Funds Summit East Newport, R.I. July 21-23,2014 Opal Financial
Winning & Retaining Institutional Mandates New York July 24-25,2014 FRA
Private Inv. Fund Acctg., Operations & Compliance Forum New York July 28-29,2014 FRA
Alternative Investment Strategies Denver July 31-Aug. 1,2014 Financial Advisor
North American Investors Summit Atlanta Sept. 8-9,2014 Marcus Evans
Investment Trends Summit Santa Barbara, Calif. Sept. 8-10,2014 Opal Financial
Global Investment Conference New York Sept. 8-10,2014 Rodman & Renshaw
East Coast Family Office & Wealth Management Conf. New York Sept. 17,2014 DC Finance
Alpha Hedge West Conference San Francisco Sept. 21-23,2014 IMN
Investment Mgmt. Forum for Endowments & Foundations Washington Sept. 28-Oct. 1,2014 NMS Management
Asset Manager Showcase Boston Oct. 2-3,2014 Financial Advisor
Trading Show New York Oct. 8,2014 Terrapinn
Fall 2014 Compliance Conference San Diego Oct. 8-10,2014 ACA Compliance
World Offshore Convention New York 2014 New York Oct. 14-15,2014 Offshore Investment
Global Absolute Return Congress Boston Oct. 20-22,2014 Global ARC
Private Wealth Latin America & the Caribbean Forum Miami Oct. 23-24,2014 Latin Markets
Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West Napa, Calif. Oct. 27-29,2014 Opal Financial
Fund Forum USA Boston Oct. 28-29,2014 ICBI
NeMa Americas 2014 Miami Oct. 28-29,2014 ICBI
Hedge Fund Latin America Forum New York Nov. 4-5,2014 Latin Markets
Emerging Managers Summit South Austin, Texas Nov. 6-7,2014 Opal Financial
Asset Manager Showcase Palm Beach Gdns., Fla. Nov. 17-18,2014 Financial Advisor
Endowment & Foundation Forum Boston Nov. 17-19,2014 Opal Financial
Florida Wealth Management Conf. & Luxury Events Miami Dec. 2,2014 DC Finance
Cap Intro Roundtable Forum New York Dec. 3,2014 Roundtable Forum
Global Indexing & ETFs Scottsdale, Ariz. Dec. 7-9,2014 IMN
Alternative Investing Summit Dana Point, Calif. Dec. 7-9,2014 Opal Financial
Events Outside US
Event Location Dates Sponsor
Tokyo Financial Information Summit 2014 Tokyo April 24,2014 Waters Technology
Tokyo Trading Architecture Summit 2014 Tokyo April 24,2014 Waters Technology
European Pensions & Investments Montreux, Switzerland April 28-30,2014 Marcus Evans
Fund Manager Selection 2014 London April 29-30,2014 IIR
COBS Operations London April 30,2014 Infoline
UCITS Fund Administration London April 30-May 1,2014 Infoline
Regulatory Reporting for Investment Firms & AIFMs London May 1,2014 Infoline
Family Office Forum Wiesbaden, Germany May 5-7,2014 Prestel & Partner
Hedge Fund Startup Forum London 2014 London May 7,2014 IIR
Private Wealth Brazil Forum 2014 Sao Paulo, Brazil May 13,2014 Latin Markets
Fund Governance London May 13-14,2014 Infoline
Post-Trade Forum Frankfurt May 14-15,2014 Fleming Europe
Global Absolute Return Congress London May 19-21,2014 Global ARC
Buy-Side Technology European Summit London May 20,2014 Waters Technology
MiFID II London May 20-21,2014 Infoline
Wealth Management Forum Paris Paris May 21,2014 Shorex
Eurekahedge Asian Hedge Fund Awards Singapore May 23,2014 Eurekahedge
Private Equity Forum on Distressed Spanish Real Estate Madrid May 28-29,2014 IMN
European Family Office & Private Wealth Forum Geneva June 4-6,2014 Opal Financial
Fundamentals of Hedge Funds London June 4-6,2014 IFF
Toronto Financial Information Summit Toronto June 10,2014 Waters Technology
Toronto Trading Architecture Summit Toronto June 10,2014 Waters Technology
NeMa 2014 Vienna June 10-12,2014 ICBI
GAIM International 2014 Monaco June 16-18,2014 ICBI
Elite Summit Montreux, Switzerland June 16-18,2014 Marcus Evans
GFD Luxembourg 2014 Luxembourg June 17-18,2014 IBC
Offshore Investment Conference Shanghai Shanghai June 18-19,2014 Offshore Investment
Pension Fund Inv: Inv. Objectives, Risks & Opportunities Rome June 19,2014 PrevInvest
Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit 2014 Singapore June 25,2014 Waters Technology
Buy-Side Technology Asian Summit 2014 Singapore June 26,2014 Waters Technology
Fundamentals of Fund Administration London June 26-27,2014 IFF
Fundamentals of Fund Management London July 2-4,2014 IFF
Oxford Offshore Symposium Oxford, England Aug. 31-Sept. 6,2014 Offshore Investment
Canadian Family Office & Private Wealth Mgmt. West Vancouver, Canada Sept. 15-16,2014 Opal Financial
InvestHedge Forum 2014 London Sept. 23-24,2014 HF Intelligence
Latin Private Wealth Management Summit Panama City, Panama Sept. 25-26,2014 Marcus Evans
Quant Invest 2014 London Sept. 29-30,2014 Terrapinn
ETF & Indexing Investments London Oct. 1-2,2014 Terrapinn
Shorex Wealth Management Forum London London Oct. 9,2014 Shorex
Opal Exchange Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco Oct. 20-21,2014 Opal Financial
Middle East Family Office Symposium Dubai, UAE Nov. 3-4,2014 Opal Financial
Family Office Forum Zurich Nov. 11-12,2014 Prestel & Partner
Quant World Canada 2014 Toronto Nov. 13,2014 Terrapinn
Hedge Funds World Zurich Zurich Nov. 18-20,2014 Terrapinn