Pedigreed Duo Seeks Support for Energy Plays

Two former UBS executives are setting up a fund operation with a focus on energy-related investments.

Working through their newly formed Arosa Capital, Till Bechtolsheimer and Abe Joseph are aiming for January to start trading a pair of vehicles run separately by the two managers. They’ll start off with $200 million that one or more unidentified backers have promised to leave untouched for 10 years, and possibly some additional capital that investors including friends and family members could withdraw sooner.

Bechtolsheimer’s fund would follow an opportunistic strategy skewed heavily toward energy stocks, with the capacity to trade in all types of financial products in the sector. Joseph’s vehicle will take a market-neutral approach to trading energy stocks.

Both Bechtolsheimer and Joseph were portfolio managers at UBS. Also on board is operations head Jeff Baisley, who recently left the chief financial officer post at Graham Capital after nine years at the Rowayton, Conn., firm.

Just where Arosa is based remains unclear. The firm will have an office in Zurich, where Bechtolsheimer has deep connections. But Bechtolsheimer himself is in New York, while Joseph works from Chicago.

Bechtolsheimer is the grandson of billionaire Karl-Heinz Kipp, who founded the Massa department-store chain in Germany. His sister, Laura Tomlinson, is an Olympic equestrian who was married this year to polo player Mark Tomlinson at a Kipp-owned hotel in Arosa, Switzerland. The wedding guests included Kate Middleton and Prince William.

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