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Physician Prepping Healthcare Vehicle

An immunologist who swapped a career in medical research for finance 10 years ago will begin trading on Dec. 1 via his own hedge fund.

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Sorin Gives Up Blackstone Role, Winds Down

Sorin Capital, a commercial mortgage bond investor that ran $1.6 billion at its peak, is shutting down after a 15-year run.

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New Program Aims to Back Illiquid Strategies

A consulting firm that advises institutional investors on allocations to emerging managers and niche strategies is starting an asset-management...

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Promising Start for Imran Khan's Proem Fund

Former Snap executive Imran Khan, who started his own technology-stock fund after searching in vain for a hedge fund he could back, is showing solid...

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Diamond Merchant Offers Financing Vehicle

A well-known figure in the diamond industry is marketing a fund that offers financing to manufacturers and dealers of fine jewelry.

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Fund Targets 'House Rich, Cash Poor' Plays

A former Bain Capital executive is marketing a fund with an unusual strategy: buying minority equity stakes in single-family homes.

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Titan Co-Founder Betting on Niche Strategies

Titan Advisors co-founder Tom Holliday has left the fund-of-funds operation to start his own business.

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Trend-Following Contrarian Gaining Traction

A global-macro trader whose resume includes a stint as a portfolio manager at George Weiss Associates is catching the attention of institutional...

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Narrowly Focused Fund Lifts Segra's Assets

In a clear sign of investor appetite for niche strategies, a fund that trades the shares of companies in the nuclear-fuel sector has raised nearly $100...

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KLS Carves Out 'Structured Income' Book

KLS Diversified Asset Management has a new fund in the market.

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Performance Woes Prompt Sanoor to Close

Add Sanoor Capital to the list of equity managers that have called it quits due to poor performance.

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Airline Entrepreneur Plans Equity Vehicle

An airline-industry executive who has founded and run two regional carriers is starting an aviation-stock hedge fund.

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