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BofA Fine Tied to Prime-Brokerage Head

It turns out the Bank of America executive at the center of Finra’s censure of the bank heads the entire prime-brokerage division.

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Fir Tree Ex-Partner Planning Fund Launch

A former Fir Tree Partners executive is planning a fund that would invest predominantly in debt and equities outside the U.S.

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Startup Targets Fannie, Freddie Privatization

Mountaineer Partners is raising capital for a fund that would pay off handsomely if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are released from government conservatorship...

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Medalist Chases Underpriced Securitizations

Medalist Partners is starting a new structured-product fund, even as it blocks redemptions from its main vehicle.

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Global-Macro Startup Emphasizing China

A global-macro startup with a China-centric view is set to start trading a sizeable sum of outside capital at the end of the second quarter.

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Appaloosa Partner Braves Marketing Trail

Another former Appaloosa Management executive is striking out on his own.

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Volatility Shop Bruised by March Upheaval

Volatility trader JD Capital appears to be on the ropes.

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Plunging Conditions Drag Down Hohn's TCI

Plummeting stock prices have sent TCI Fund Management’s returns deep into negative territory.

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Managers Seek to Cope With "Trial By Fire'

The coronavirus is testing hedge fund business continuity plans in ways never before seen — or even imagined.

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York Alum Combines Public, Private Deals

A former York Capital executive is starting a hedge fund firm that would trade public equities while allowing limited partners to co-invest in...

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Chalkstream's Tsai Switches Over to PDT

Continuing his longstanding ties with quantitative-investment guru Peter Muller, Chalkstream Capital chief investment officer Andrew Tsai is stepping down...

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Longtime Quant Specialist Offering AI Play

The founder of alternative data-technology company CloudQuant is starting a hedge fund that would employ machine-learning tactics.

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