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Tiger Consumer Lieutenants Setting Up Shop

Displaced by Tiger Consumer Management’s shutdown, two of the firm’s top investment staffers are planning to launch their own hedge fund...

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JP Morgan Pulls Plug on "Mini Prime' Clients

J.P. Morgan’s prime-brokerage operation is casting off many hundreds of smaller hedge funds in a move that threatens to further escalate trading and...

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Smaller Crop of Fund Startups Taking Root

There has been a noticeable decrease in the number of new firms entering the fund-management field.

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Bermuda Burnishes Image as Offshore Haven

Government officials and business leaders in Bermuda are waging a campaign to re-establish the territory as a go-to domicile for offshore funds.

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Standard General Bars Entry for Newcomers

The window is closing for investors who want access to Standard General, an event-driven shop that has grabbed headlines for targeting RadioShack in a bold...

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Cap-Intro Survey Bodes Well for Fund Startups

Pensions, endowments, foundations and family offices are far more likely to back startup hedge fund managers today than they were just two years...

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Quant-Trading Firm Wins Paloma's Backing

Proprietary trading shop QTrade has landed a commitment from Paloma Partners — the quantitative-investment firm’s first from an outside...

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Bitcoin Beckons as Fair Game for Fund Shops

The bitcoin market is drawing interest from a growing segment of the hedge fund industry.

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Chapter Closes on Enduring Charter Oak

Charter Oak Partners is no longer running outside capital.

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Sanborn Kilcollin Team Retiring, Shutting Firm

Equity manager Sanborn Kilcollin Partners has wound down following a 13-year run.

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Quant Manager Misses Managed-Futures Rally

Short-term futures trader Quantitative Investment Management suffered a sharp loss in its main fund last year, extending a streak of weak performance and...

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Wainscott Begins Liquidating Fund

The shooting death of Wainscott Capital founder Thomas Gilbert has forced an immediate wind-down of the firm’s hedge fund.

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