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IssueMaterials DueEditorial FeaturesConference Distribution
March 4, 2020 Feb. 28Marcus Evans’ “Private Wealth Management Summit” in Boston.
WBR’s “Fixed Income Leaders Summit” in White Plains, N.Y.
March 11 March 6
March 18 March 13
March 25 March 20Pension-plan consultants.
April 1 March 27
April 8 April 3Online services for hedge fund investors.CTA Expo’s “Emerging Manager Forum” in New York.
April 15 No issue published.
April 22 April 17
April 29 April 24200 largest SEC-registered fund management firms.Terrapinn’s “Trading Show” in Chicago.
Largest single-manager funds.WBR’s “FIMA US 2020” in Boston.
Booth display: Context Summits Europe 2020, Barcelona. Copies will also be available in the sponsor lounge and in networking areas.
May 6 May 1Ranking of prime brokers.Marcus Evans’ “European Pensions & Investments Summit” in Montreux, Switzerland.
Ranking of fund custodians.
“Finadium Investors in Securities Lending Conference” in New York.
Ranking of auditors of hedge funds.
Global Capital Acquisition’s “Battle of the Quants” in New York.
Ranking of top administrators of hedge funds.
May 13 May 8Prime broker contact list.Catalyst Financial Partner’s “Cap Intro: CTAs/Quant/A.I. Investing” in New York.
Ranking of fund managers by employment level.
May 20 May 15
May 27 May 22
June 3 May 29Talking Hedge Events’ “Redefining Portfolio Solutions with Alternative Strategies & Structures” in Toronto.
June 10 June 5Marcus Evans’ “Elite Summit” in Montreux, Switzerland.
Markets Group’s “Private Wealth East Spring Forum” in New York.
Link Bridge Investors’ “Global Investors Annual Meeting” in New York.
Private Debt Investor’s “CFOs & COOs Forum” in New York.
June 17 June 12Company listing of outsourced trading services.Markets Group’s “ALTSCHI” in Chicago.
“Tactical Trading Investor Forum” in London.
June 24 June 19Alpha Events’ “AI and Data Science in Trading” in New York.
July 1 June 26Hedge fund law firms.Markets Group’s “PW New England” in Boston.
July 8 July 3“Data Disrupt 2020” in New York.
July 15 July 10MFA’s “Legal & Compliance 2020” in New York.
July 22 July 17
July 29 July 24Pending regulations targeting U.S. hedge funds.Markets Group’s “Private Wealth West Forum” in Seattle.
Aug. 5 July 31Markets Group’s “Private Wealth Midwest Forum” in Chicago.
Aug. 12 Aug. 7Public relations/communications & branding of hedge fund firms.
Aug. 19 Aug. 14
Aug. 26 Aug. 19Hedge funds in hot water.Markets Group’s “ALTSSV” in Mountain View, Calif.
Markets Group’s “Private Wealth U.K. Forum” in London.
Global Capital Acquisition’s “Battle of the Quants” in London.
“Tactical Trading Investor Forum” in New York.
Markets Group’s “ALTSLA” in Los Angeles.
Talking Hedge Events’ “Delivering Bespoke Solutions to Institutional Investors” in Santa Monica, Calif.
Terrapinn’s “Trading Show” in Chicago.
IMN’s “Real Estate Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum” in Dana Point, Calif.
Sept. 2 No issue published.
Sept. 9 No issue published.
Sept. 16 Sept. 11Catalyst Financial Partners’ “Cap Intro: Active Alpha Investing” in New York.
Markets Group’s “PWMIDATLANTIC20” in Philadelphia.
Sept. 23 Sept. 18Markets Group’s “ALTSSEA” in Seattle.
KNect365’s “Emerging Manager Forum” in New York.
KNect365’s “GAIM Ops Cayman” in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
Markets Group’s “Private Wealth Europe” in Paris.
Sept. 30 Sept. 25Informa Connect’s “Fund Forum International” in Monaco.
Informa Connect’s “Inside ETFs Europe” in Monaco.
Opal Group’s “Impact Investing Forum” in West Palm Beach, Fla.
Opal Group’s “Opal Exchange” in West Palm Beach, Fla.
Markets Group’s “Private Wealth Mountain States Forum” in Denver.
Oct. 7 Oct. 2Attendee bags: ADISA, Annual Conference, Las Vegas
Markets Group’s “Private Wealth California Forum” in Los Angeles.
Informa Connect’s “Emerging Manager Forum” in New York.
Oct. 14 Oct. 9“Incubators” and other backers.
Oct. 21 Oct. 16Markets Group’s “Private Wealth Latin America and the Caribbean Forum” in Miami.
Markets Group’s “Private Wealth East Fall Forum” in New York.
Oct. 28 Oct. 23Compliance consultants.Catalyst Financial Partners’ “Cap Intro: Emerging Markets” in New York.
IMN’s “Litigation Finance” in New York.
Nov. 4 Oct. 30Markets Group’s “ALTSTX” in Dallas.
Markets Group’s “Private Wealth Florida Forum” in Palm Beach, Fla.
Informa Connect’s “Inside ETFs Canada” in Toronto.
Nov. 11 Nov. 6Largest hedge fund investors.Markets Group’s “Private Wealth Canada Forum” in Toronto.
Markets Group’s “Private Wealth U.K. Autumn Forum” in London.
LinkBridge Investors’ “West Investors Annual Meeting” in San Francisco.
Nov. 18 Nov. 13
Nov. 25 No issue published.
Dec. 2 Nov. 24Markets Group’s “ALTSMIA” in Miami.
“Tactical Trading Investor Forum” in Miami.
Global Capital Acquisition’s “Battle of the Quants” in Hong Kong.
Dec. 9 Dec. 4
Dec. 16 Dec. 11
Dec. 23 No issue published.
Dec. 30 No issue published.
Jan. 6, 2021Jan. 4Top five hedge fund launches of last year.
Projections for assets under management.