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Solus Offers Dual Versions of Debt Vehicle

Solus Alternative Asset Management is marketing a distressed-debt fund that allows investors to choose between a private equity-style structure and an...

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Seed-Capital Investor Starts Commingled Fund

A hedge fund-seeding vehicle run by Stable Asset Management has inked its first deal.

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Eckel Offers Marketing Help to Crypto Funds

Paul Eckel’s Emerging Manager, a third-party fund marketer that also advises startups on operational issues, has formed an affiliate to target the...

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Corriente Bars Entry Amid Stellar Results

Corriente Advisors already is halting contributions to a global-macro fund it launched less than a year ago.

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Muir Quits as US Head of BNP Prime Broker

BNP Paribas is parting ways with its U.S. prime-brokerage chief.

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Ex-Two Sigma Pro Markets Lockup Vehicle

Orthogon Partners, founded by former Two Sigma Investments executive Rishi Ganti, is soliciting capital for a private equity-like vehicle that would invest...

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Crypto Fund Tally Still Growing

The hedge fund industry’s cryptocurrency sector continued its robust growth over the past couple of months.

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Macnguyen Protege Readies Equity Offering

A portfolio manager who spent 12 years working under stock-picker Curtis Macnguyen at Ivory Investment is starting his own equity fund.

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Citadel Beckons for Disillusioned Managers

Yet another hedge fund manager has given up the risk-reward potential of running his own business for the relative ease of working at a big multi-strategy...

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Distressed-Debt Pros Offer Lockup Vehicle

Silverpeak Credit Partners is marketing a special-situations debt fund with a long-term lockup.

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Profitable Comeback for Global-Macro Pro

Mark Hart has pulled off an impressive turnaround at his Corriente Advisors.

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Bitcoin Rise Ignites Crypto Fund Explosion

An entirely new category of investment vehicle — cryptocurrency funds — has materialized in the past year, largely in response to the meteoric rise in...

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