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January 30, 2019  

Ex-Point72 Managers Off to Scorching Start

Technology-stock investor KCL Capital’s assets soared in 2018 amid outsized returns.

The New York firm, founded by former Point72 Asset Management portfolio managers Kevin Cottrell and Chris LaSusa, finished the year with $300 million under management — up from $75 million 12 months earlier.

Aiding that increase was a 2018 gain of 19.2%, with jumps of 6% in January and 4% in December. That dwarfed a full-year rise of 3.8% in the HFRI Equity Hedge Technology Index.

KCL takes a fundamental approach to investing in technology, media and telecommunications stocks worldwide while maintaining a low net exposure.

Cottrell and LaSusa launched the business in November 2017, bringing along more than a half-dozen colleagues from Point72, including Shayne Dolden and Braxton McKenzie. The team had long run a similar portfolio under Point72 chief Steve Cohen, overseeing an estimated $1.5 billion.